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How Little Bird Marketing's Lead Generation Strategies Increased Boyd Metals' Web Traffic by 330%

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Boyd Metals is a regional cornerstone in the metal service center industry. they are a one-stop source for all things metal and provide time-saving stocking, sourcing, and delivery solutions in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Industry : Metal Manufacturing
Services Provided : Content Marketing, SEO, Website Build


Boyd Metals came to us in 2018 with an ask to implement a marketing system that would increase awareness and drive growth through lead generation. Prior to this time, marketing efforts had been inconsistent and tactical in nature. This made Boyd the perfect fit for Little Bird’s SOAR System.

Growth Strategy

This strategy-first system is designed to quick-start your marketing efforts with a strategic approach to branding and lead generation. After conducting research among Boyd’s competitors and stakeholders, we worked with the client to identify their unique value proposition and ideal client personas. We audited their existing content and website and found substantial opportunities to make a fast impact with thought-leadership content to drive lead generation while also investing in long-term inbound success with a strategic SEO plan.

As our thought leadership content drove leads, we got to work on SEO. Month over month and year over year, we worked together to optimize our lead generation strategies and marketing efforts to remain aligned with Boyd’s strategic priorities. It is these long-term, cumulative results that make us most proud.

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330% increase in traffic
over 5 years

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2400 leads generated

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107 owned keywords

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Keyword Position Change

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Clients committed to SEO continue to see exponential lead growth over time. For Boyd, our SEO and lead generation strategies
continue to deliver. As our relationship matures, Little Bird Marketing is now working closely with the sales team to identify
opportunities to impact lead nurturing and conversion.

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