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Delivering Over 4 Million Dollars in Opportunity Through B2B Content Marketing Services

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Conifer Research blends ethnographic research and design research techniques to gather perspective-shifting insights. Their approach is designed to broaden perspectives, explore possible futures and identify needs that can drive true innovation, market differentiation, and business growth through leading market research methods.

Industry : Market Research
Services Provided : Content Marketing, SEO, Website Build


Conifer came to us in 2019 with the self-assessment that their marketing was in chaos. They were frustrated with their marketing efforts to date and unpredictable profit and ROI. Above all, they were tired of having no clear plan. They were delivering best-in-class ethnographic research, consumer insights and interesting work in deprivation research, and more. Their marketing simply did not showcase the high quality of work consistently being completed by their diverse and experienced team. They sought out Little Bird Marketing due to our reputation for providing B2B content marketing services. 

Growth Strategy

We immediately identified Conifer’s need for a system and increased capacity. While they had many ideas, they often lacked the bandwidth to execute as the team’s focus constantly shifted back to client work. With that in mind, we implemented our SOAR System in year one to set them up for foundational success.

In year two we focused on strengthening search engine optimization. This built the foundation for increased brand gravitas and lead generation from unbranded website searches. In year three we focused on creative, original, and engaging thought leadership packaged into lead-generating downloads.
Conifer now enjoys a robust content library and marketing system, allowing them to focus on larger growth initiatives.

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Increased the number of organic keywords by 266%

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Keyword Position Change

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With a website generating consistent, qualified organic traffic, Conifer has turned its sites to awareness activities such as in-person event initiatives where they can continue promoting the organization and its outstanding work for its clients.

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